Knowledge transfer

With more than 3500 disputes in 20 years, CMAP has developed its expertise in alternative dispute resolution methods. CMAP make all of its expertise available through the process of knowledge transfer.

Supporting the creation of new centers

CMAP offers its expertise to economic stakeholders for the creation of new mediation and arbitration centers. Thanks to such support, it is possible to have an operational dispute resolution center very quickly.

What is our offer :

CMAP’s knowledge transfer offer consists of three main elements :

  • firstly, training the staff, employees and consultants (mediators, legal experts, arbitrators) who will lead the future center
  • Secondly, the provision of the required documentation stantdards for the management of mediation and arbitration procedures
  • and finally, the continuous support of the new center for a determined period of time, providing assistance services such as hotline and consulting, either on-demand or on a regular basis

To go further

Knowledge transfer requires a service which is precisely adapted and tailored to your situation, needs, culture and legal environment. For this reason, feel free to contact us to learn more and we will make sure that our proposal is tailored to your needs after reviewing together your requirements.