Turning to us arbitration

The arbitration procedure is governed by CMAP’s #Arbitration Rules. The applicant must send a written request to CMAP, with the following information:

  • The applicant’s full corporate name
  • The applicant’s Address
  • The applicant’s legal representative Name if this information is relevant
  • The name and the address of the applicant ‘s counsel
  • The defendant’s corporate full name
  • The Name and address of the defendant’s counsel, if the information is known
  • A Brief description of the matter
  • The List of claims
  • The appointment of an arbitrator, in case of a 3 arbitrators tribunal

Please note : you must provide one copy of your request for arbitration per defendant and an additional copy. They must be sent by registered letter with registered receipt.

In order for the request to be registered and filed, payment of the filing fee must be sent with the request

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how to file your request for arbitration with us.