The signatories of the Pledge

The intercompany mediation Pledge

The intercompany mediation Pledge– for amicable resolution of commercial disputes – was launched on 22nd of November, 2005 on the initiative of CMAP and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris Ile de France with the support of then’s economic affairs minister, Mr . Thierry Breton…

The content of the Pledge

Company and organization signing this Pledge acknowledge: :

That it is in the interest of all businessess to prevent disputes and resolve them amicably rather than through litigation;

That methods exist that allow amicable solutions to be found, even after negotiation has failed and litigation procedures have been started..

For these reasons, they declare their intention:

  1. To examine whether it is possible and desirable to have recourse to amicable dispute resolution procedures when they find themselves in a situation that could lead to litigation or when they are drawn into a process of litigation;
  2. When the outcome of such examination leads to a positive conclusion, to propose an amicable settlement procedure to the other parties giving them, as needed, all information that may be of use to this end ;
  3. To renew this examination, as appropriate, during the course of the litigation procedures in such cases where it has not been possible to prevent the start of litigation;
  4. to include amicable settlement clauses in their contracts whenever it is possible and desirable to do so;
  5. To implement in-house training so that amicable dispute settlement methods are known and understood by all persons liable to come across conflict situations;
  6. To publicize the fact that they have adhered to this Pledge;
  7. to bring this Pledge to the attention of the lawyers who usually assist and counsel them;
  8. To attend meetings with other signatories to this Pledge to share their experience and improve their practice of amicable dispute resolution.

Who are the signatories?

They were 45 at the beginning, and they are now 70 companies to have signed it. Please see the list.

Why should you become a signatory?

By adhering to the intercompany mediation Pledge, signatory companies commit to favor amicable means, if a conflict emerges, whenever they deem it more appropriate than litigation

What advantages for your company?

How can you become a signatory?

If your company wants to become a signatory to the intercompany mediation Pledge, contact the CMAP at 01 44 95 11 40 –