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What are the solutions to solve a conflict with a company ?

All companies have to deal with conflict situations. Whatever the sector (industry, real estate, finance, insurance, IT, etc.) or the nature of the dispute (breach of contract, intellectual property, labour law, etc.), the company may use an alternative method to find an effective solution.

Alternative dispure resolution methods, such as mediationarbitration and amicable expertise, help provide appropriate and adapted answers to business field issues.

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“Toute entreprise sera amenée à faire face à des situations de conflits au cours de son activité.” 

Being accompanied by the CMAP

The CMAP helps parties find the best solution to their conflict. We guarantee a prompt, adapted and impartial procedure.


The choice of the mediators and the arbitrators

The parties can choose their mediators and their arbitrators.

Thus, if the parties agree on the identity of the mediator or the members of the arbitration tribunal, the Mediation or Arbitration Committee will simply validate the parties’ choice, once having made sure that there is no conflict of interest.

If the parties do not wish to choose their mediator or arbitration tribunal, either by lack of time or because the dialogue is fractured, the CMAP will question them to find out what selection criteria are important to them. It could be the experience of the experts, their field of expertise or their knowledge of the subject. The parties may also ask for the CMAP team’s advice and determine together the most appropriate criteria.

On this basis, the CMAP’s committees will choose the mediator or the arbitrator(s).

The follow-up of the procedure

Our legal team is with you at every stage of the procedure, in order to answer your questions and manage the incidents that may arise. The CMAP is composed of professionals and academics. Thanks to their contribution, the CMAP is a unique structure in the field of conflict management.

Transparent fee table

The CMAP services are subject to a simple #pricing scheme, which is available online and downloadable.


Des barèmes transparents :

Les prestations du CMAP sont soumises à un barème simple, consultable en ligne et téléchargeable.

They benefit of our services

Some figures concerning mediations

Our mediation success rate: 70% (7 cases out of 10 lead to an agreement)

Average time to resolution: 15h negociation

Average cost, divided between the parties: 5,000 euros

Some figures regarding arbitration

30% of arbitrations concern disputes which stakes are below 1 million euros

15% of arbitrations concern disputes which stakes are over 10 million euros

Average duration: 10 to 12 months

Average cost: between 50 000 and 200 000 euros

Testimonials and Examples

Better than figures, examples help explain the benefits of mediation and arbitration. Click here #to learn more.

Our offer in practice

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