Our offer

The CMAP proposes a diversified and complementary offering. Our institution works around three main lines:

Helping you manage your disputes before

=> before the conflict emerge.

=> Helping you organize your procedures:

We can also help you settle you conflicts thanks to other practical solutions.

Training you to

  • become mediator or arbitrator using our practical and updated experience
  • accompany parties during their mediation and arbitration processes.
  • raise your awareness regarding alternative dispute resolution

The CMAP promotes ADRs and organizes information and awareness sessions in corporations, law firms, tribunals, business clubs and many other. We also organize mediation and arbitration competitions for students.

To support you in creating and developing a dispute resolution center in your country / jurisdiction

The CMAP helps French Chambers of Commerce and foreign institutions to create and / or manage a mediation and arbitration local center by training their teams, their mediators and their arbitrators and transferring its know-how in the management of such centers.

The CMAP has already carried out several know-how transfers in many countries as well as in France.