Who are our arbitrators?

Our arbitratros are recognized professionals in arbitration.

they have different profiles.They are corporate executives, attorneys, law professors, engineers, etc… Their experiences in France and abroad have led them to face many complex conflict situations. All our arbitrators have been accredited by the Arbitration Committee on the basis of their skills and experience in arbitration.

How are they chosen?

Unless the parties jointly establish the number, the Arbitration Committee decides how many arbitrators will cmpose the arbitral tribunal, based on the characteristics of the conflict. There must always be an uneven number of arbitrators.

The appointment of the sole arbitrator or the chairman of the arbitral tribunal or, in the case of multi-party arbitration, the whole Arbitral Tribunal, is made by the Arbitration Committee. Where appropriate, the appointment shall be made upon a proposal of the parties or the appointed co-arbitrator. If the arbitration is of an international character, the sole arbitrator or the chairman of the arbitral tribunal shall, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, have a different nationality.

Any proposal made by the parties must be confirmed by the Arbitration Committee.

The ethics of the arbitrators

CMAP’s arbitrators are subject to strict ethical rules, which are specified in the arbitration rules.

To become an arbitrator

CMAP provides arbitration training courses. You can also contact us to become an arbitrator.