Inter-company mediation

Do you, or your client, have any problems with a customer, a supplier, a service provider, a subcontractor, a business partner or a shareholder ? In more than 70% of the cases, mediation leads to an amicable resolution allowing business to stay focus and grow. Inter-company mediation has many advantages:

gain de temps
  • Time-efficient : conventional mediation cannot exceed two months and judicial mediation cannot exceed three months, unless extended by the parties,


  • Controlled cost: Please see CMAP’s fee schedule and statistics


  • Confidentiality of all discussions and settlement agreement


  • Maintaining business relations between the parties.
  • Creative solutions. The parties are not constrained by the only application of specific laws or of predetermined schemes. As long as they respect the mandatory public order, the solutions reached thanks to mediation have no limit. See examples (Pa101)
  • The company is in control of its dispute. Whereas in litigation, companies bear the judicial uncertainties, for instance in terms of substance and timing, in mediation companies control the entire mediation process (time schedule, type of information transmitted, meetings, solutions adopted, etc).

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