Who are our mediators?

Skilled and experienced professionals

Our mediators have, or have had a successful business career whether as computer scientists, auditors, attorneys, general counsels, sales directors, entrepreneurs, engineers, managing directors, architects, HR directors and many more positions.

Trained professionals

Initial training

To ensure their perfect command of the mediation process, the mediators, whatever their previous experiences, must be trained to become mediators. For this purpose, the CMAP organizes practical training courses.

Before being a mediator accredited by the CMAP, the candidate, after being trained, will have to pass a certification exam which includes a theoretical exam and a practical exam.

The courses are open to all professionals who wish to understand the process, the spirit and the techniques of mediation.

Continuing education

Once accredited, all mediators must undergo continuing education in order for their accreditation to be renewed every year. For this purpose, the CMAP organizes various events every year, including working groups.

How are they designated?

CMAP ‘s team accompany the parties in selecting their mediator. Discussions between us at CMAP, the parties, the lawyers and the judge (in judicial mediation cases) are undertaken to find the most suitable mediator.

The mediator is designated by the CMAP’s Mediation Committee, which is chaired by Mr. Francis Casorla, Honorary Advocate General at the Court of Cassation, State Counsellor of Monaco, guarantor of the independence of the designation process of mediators, while taking into account the parties’ requirements.

The CMAP’s Mediation Committee designates the mediator or, upon request, proposes to the parties the names of three mediators to give them the opportunity to choose.

However, experience shows that it is often difficult for the parties to agree on a mediator, or to find on their own a mediator offering the necessary and relevant guarantees. This is why the CMAP provides personalized support during this delicate phase.

The CMAP mediation committee is composed of institutional partner representatives from the Center:

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris IdF,
  • the Commercial Court of Paris,
  • the Paris Bar,
  • the National Association of Chartered Accountants
  • the Hauts-de-Seine Bar.

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Mediators’ ethics

The mediator ‘s role is really to assist the parties to find a reasonable ad satisfactory amicable solution to their dispute.

Before being proposed as a mediator to the parties, the mediator has to certify, prior to accepting each case, that he/she has no conflict of interest with the parties and their counsels, and that he/she is available to handle the case.

The CMAP’s ethics rules, have inspired the European Code of Conduct for Mediators to which drafting the CMAP has greatly contributed.

Become a mediator

To become a CMAP mediator, you must have undergone a mediation training and passed the ESCP Europe– CMAP mediator certification exam.

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