International offer

Solutions for foreign disagreements

Alternative dispute resolution methods for cross-border conflicts

The CMAP accompanies firms through their international disputes. All our rules provide clauses to deal with transnational specific issues.

Problems and difficulties related to legal disputes are multiplied when the matters go international. Culture, language or procedure specifics between different countries add up with the questions raised by the conflict.

The alternative methods related to conflict management are efficient solutions to your burden.

Should it be arbitration, mediation or expertise, the parties are the ones who choose. They choose the speakers, the rules and the procedure to apply and the calender.

The risk related to incompatible rules and to weak jurisdiction skills is excluded. Therefore, the efficiency of the procedure is guaranteed.

Benefit from the CMAP’s international influence

Most of the CMAP’s arbitrators and mediators show many years of experience in the international field. They can also work in several languages. Those skills are precious, since they contribute to a good understanding between the parties.

The CMAP has close ties with many centers in France, in Europe and all over the world. This activity provides our center with an innovating reputation in the field of alternative dispute resolution methods .