Avantages mediation

Mediation is successful and allows parties to find a solution to their dispute In more than 70% of the cases.

Mediation ‘s advantages:

  • TIme efficient : Mediation duration is set at 2 months, for conventional mediation, and 3 months for judicial or court-ordered mediation, unless extended by the parties. Therefore noone loses time. Please check our stats here
  • Controlled cost  : Please see our CMAP schedule of fees et and costs stats
  • Confidentiality : All discussion, exchange and agreements reached are strictly confidential
  • Maintaining fruitful relationships and cooperation between the parties to facilitate further business between them
  • Creative solutions : Mediation is a creative process whereby options and solutions which were not even remotely envisioned while in dispute may become practical opportunities. Mediation offers limitless options to find agreeable solutions, as long as they comply with public order and mandatory laws. Please check real case examples
  • Parties in control of the process and solution : In the usual litigation setting, the business/company if following and managing at best its file, subject to the judicial calendar and uncertainties, while in mediation the business/company is in charge and defines the calendar, tone and content of how the situation gets resolved
  • Suspension of statutory limitation periods : Article 2238 of civil code specifies that statutory limitation periods are suspended during a mediation and re-start at the end of mediation for at least 6 months.