Intra company disputes

Solutions for intra-company disputes

Internal disputes : impediments to company’s growth

In a company, a decision is generally the result of the addition of different internal influences within the company. It is not uncommon that objectives to be achieved be perceived as contradictory between different teams or even within the same team leading to the rise of disputes. These conflicts negatively impact the company’s operations and performance.

Mediation au CMAP

The employer’s increased responsibilities

The employer has an obligation to prevent psychosocial risks. Situations of unnecessary stress including disputes must be anticipated. These conflicts are alternatively causes and consequences. This is why the use of mediation to address and resolve conflicts is a very relevant an appropriate solution.

How to find and implement a sustainable solution

By using intra-company mediation, a cost-effective solution, acceptable to all parties, can be quickly found. It allows everyone to be respectful and get back on the performance track. Employment and labor disputes, whether they are internal HR related or arise out of employment contracts, are particularly suited to find a resolution through mediation.

CMAP has acquired a breadth of experience in the resolution of intra-company disputes by mediation. It has a team of mediators that are familiar with employee relations, HR and business (HR managers, business leaders, labor law attorneys, etc.). CMAP plays an active role in promoting mediation with courts, mainly by being present at hearings or upstream.

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